Basecamp: An Assessment Of A Terrific Project Management System

Among the best things about working on the internet is that you could work with folks everywhere. At the same time, the most challenging part about working online is that you are going to be working with people throughout the planet. Having coworkers and colleagues all over the planet certainly feels fantastic but it can be very hard to properly manage your projects. You most likely already have far more email than you can handle and even places like DropBox and Google Docs are only capable of so much. This is part of the reason that Basecamp is so popular. It offers one centralized online location that many people can get together and work on things. In this post we are going to be taking a look at Basecamp and helping you figure out whether it is right for you.

Keeping track of projects is hard enough but Basecamp allows you to input every aspect of your project and every single person who is working on all of those aspects. You can invite people into the system and provide them access to making modifications and keep people updated on the progress of the project. Additionally, you can use it to keep your project files. It provides you with one main centralized space for the things you have to carry out and for all of the folks who you have to work with. It is sort of like having an office building on the web. This could provide you with a big advantage.

However, trying to figure out the system is also sort of intimidating. You’ve got all kinds of solutions available to you. It is really easy to become overcome if you see all of the things that you can use to effectively monitor your projects. You can actually find yourself over complicating your projects because of all of the different tracking and organizing features that Basecamp offers.

Basecamp does, however, enjoy an extended and reputable history. Basecamp went live in 2004. That’s eight years of happy clients and time spent perfecting the system. The people who make Basecamp have worked extremely hard and diligently to create the best possible environment that is both simple to use and painless to navigate. Eight years is a lot of time for testing and taking note of feedback. You know that any company that has managed to survive for almost a whole decade online–an environment in which a company could start and fail all in a few hours–has staying power.

The major drawback to Basecamp is that it’s not cheap. You can actually try it free for forty-five days. This ought to be more than plenty of time to find out if it’ll work for you and for your internet based business. After the forty five days have ended, however, you are forced to choose a membership plan. These start at $20 monthly which isn’t the least expensive price you can find on the internet. This suggests that if you want something that is free or affordable, it may not be the perfect system for you.

Whether you should opt for Basecamp or not is basically largely about how sophisticated your business is. In case you are still in the beginning stages and dealing with most things all by yourself it is likely you would not need it for quite a while. If you have grown a little and have people from around the world helping to pitch in on projects, it can really save you a great deal of stress.


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