Dealing With The Stress That Accompanies Being In Management

Taking on a management job brings with it more responsibility which usually also means more job stress. You will not succeed as a manager unless you can cope with stress, and if this is your first job managing others it would be strange if you did not find it tough in the beginning. It is not just pressure from the employees in your team but also others that may be in higher management positions who you are answerable to. It is a key leadership skill to be able to thrive in these situations and if you can achieve that, you’ll have a greater chance of long term success.

One of the first skills you have to develop to make your role easier is effective planning and learning to concentrate on the vital responsibilities that require your attention. As a manager it is your job to get your group to do the work under your management and direction, so finding out how to delegate is key. The members of your team must always feel that they can rely on you for help, but they also should respect your judgment as to the how and when of it. To make this less difficult, you could ask senior members of your team to field queries that fall within their capabilities, as well as provide some training on the matter.

Part of a manager’s lot is that occasionally decisions need to be made which your staff may not like, no matter that these may be forced by things you don’t control. However, this can mean that you’ll have to deal with dissatisfied staff members which can be difficult initially. It will help you, knowing from the start that not all your decisions are going to be popular, to avoid stressing about an incident a lot. And if you are straight with people and disclose the material facts your reputation will be enhanced. It is crucial not to obsess with any conflict and the moment you have settled it, you have to move on and forget about any strong words that may have been said during the time.

A positive sign of either being flooded with tasks or not being read here well organized is when you find yourself plowing away after hours. It is a matter of working smartly and you need to learn internet to do this as a manager if you are to succeed and lessen any stress. And you should not be chained to your desk – develop a habit of getting away at certain times or intervals. If you aren’t making headway, it could well be time to consult with a more senior or experienced colleague. Their more extensive experience might guide you to an answer and equip you to address recurrences of an identical problem or situation.

Being a manager does demand strength, but you can learn to use stress as an opportunity to grow and thrive, by choosing what you focus on and by enlisting the help of others when necessary.


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