Power 3 Marketing – How You Can Generate Income Serving Offline Businesses

One of the largest growth areas in the realm of internet marketing is taking your online skills and offering your professional services to offline clients. The main cause of this is evident if you give this some consideration. There are several people who have attempted to make money online and discovered that it is not as uncomplicated as they thought. This is in addition to the fact that there is a obligation for local businesses to have more online exposure. The expertise you have might mean that you are in a position to satisfy the expectations of this market. Power 3 Marketing is a membership site that strives to help you tap this market place through the training and information it provides.

Power 3 Marketing is the creation of David Bocock and Jennifer Ledbetter who is sometimes known online as PotPieGirl. You can come on board as a free member site web and then think about the other membership options. The basic level really does provide information you could use in the offline world yet if you are looking to build a business, then the next level of membership should be your aim. The gold membership is a one time fee and once inside be well prepared to be faced with a lot of instruction material. So we will now take a look at what is inside this membership level which consists of four modules with several videos.

How to get first page visibility organically in the search engines for local keywords is covered carefully in the first module. This covers all of the stages in taking you up to building websites after initially exploring a market. Finding a domain and a web host is all discussed to ensure that even if you are a newbie you can see where to start. The way in which the sites are set up implementing wordpress are shown detail by detail including how to compose your articles. The opportunity to lease out sites or make money from advertising campaigns is there once you attain high search engine rankings for local niches. Google Places and PPC advertising are discussed in modules two and three of the coaching.

The area you are planning to focus on is an issue you will want to give a lot of consideration. To start having some returns you need to get in front of potential customers and this is never properly explained. The guidance in this case is rounded off by how to do this in module four so that you can start getting some success. You can move up to the monthly pay platinum membership though it is important to note that the gold level is adequate to get your business going.

The choice of instant platinum membership or upgrading later down the line is there for you to consider. The material obtainable in this membership area will greatly enhance your advertising and marketing efforts. For example, to enable you to enter markets instantly there are pre prepared articles or blog posts you can use. There is also a community forum available for platinum members and this is precisely where you can share thoughts or ask for advice.

The Power 3 Marketing membership is very extensive and you will need to allow time to proceed through the training. The training is designed by people who make money from local businesses and this really is your opportunity to do the same.


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