Keeping Up Your Professionalism

Remember how, just some time ago, you had the ability to maintain the entire flow of information that exists about yourself? It was possible that, without much effort, you could control precisely what people could know about you and how that information could be found. However, this isn’t the case anymore. Now, there are all sorts of ways to dig up numerous things about you. This is tricky on a normal scale for those who hold traditional jobs. It’s a lot harder for those who work online. Nowadays, an errant online comment could mean the difference between making the sale and not making the sale.

In this case, what must you do about it? What’s the plan? The real way to keep your reputation pristine is to be as professional as possible both online and offline. Here are our suggestions.

1. It’s important that each piece of writing you pen is spelled and punctuated right. Whether your writing is for your sales page or simply a short email message does not matter. Spelling and punctuating properly matter a lot. After all, you don’t want somebody to discover something that is riddled with errors, do you? It indicates you have no idea about what you’re doing.

2. It is important to answer every online message and phone call. Your responses and conversations have to be civil and cordial and positive. Try not to let an email message sit in your box for more than a day without responding to it. Don’t leave phone messages unreturned. Answer every call by the third ring. These are minor things but they will speak greatly about your commitment to your job.

3. Respond to critiques politely and nicely. There are constantly going to be those who want you to feel awful about yourself. Nonetheless, there will, from time to time, be individuals who have a legitimate problem with your product or how you’re selling it. It is important to seriously consider each critique and to look into whether or not it’s possible to make the changes the person would like from you without it being counterproductive to your business. Next communicate with the critic and explain to him or her whether or not you will adopt the suggestion. This shows that you take everybody seriously, not just individuals who compliment you.

4. Keep an eye on your social media! When you’re in the social media world it’s too easy to forget that you’re not merely a random individual; you’re a representative of your business. Tweeting and Facebook messages that sound very informal might be happily received by the individual they are intended for. They may also be seen by someone who stumbles on to them as evidence that you’re not serious about your reputation or business.

5. Be as much of yourself as possible. Nobody says you should obscure everything about who you are. The real fact is that maybe the best way to set yourself apart from the competition is to let your personality shine. Nonetheless, you’re running a business so make sure that you keep your best face forward.


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