Handling Stress In Management

It is obvious that as you progress in your career into management, you are going to have to accept more responsibility and this can mean handling more stress in the workplace. You will not be successful as a manager unless you can cope with stress, and if this is your first job managing people it would be odd if you did not find it tough in the beginning. The pressure emanates from two ends: not just from the staff you manage but also from those in management above you. Readily accepting these sorts of situations and addressing them adeptly is one of the hallmarks of a good leader and will set you up for success in the long term.

One of the first skills you need to develop to make your role easier is effective planning and learning to concentrate on the crucial tasks that demand your attention. An important element in mastering this is the ability to delegate and allow your team to do the work while you are freed up to manage them and their work carefully. This involves being seen by your staff members as being always ready to help, but on your terms, with due respect for your other roles. To make this much easier, you could ask senior members of your team to field inquiries that fall within their capabilities, together with provide some training on the matter.

You will have times when unpopular decisions have to be made and this may be due to situations that are outside of your control. This could mean you being called on to deal with situations with dissatisfied employees, which at first can be daunting. If you are open with people and give them the facts, you will get more respect and if you accept that what you have to say isn’t going to always be popular then there isn’t any need for you to spend too much time worrying about it. Particularly with issues of conflict, it is advisable to reach resolution right away and move on, forgetting any harsh exchanges that may occurred.

A positive sign of either being overloaded with duties or not being well organized is when you find yourself slogging away after hours. Work smarter, not harder, is a lesson you should learn to be successful and lessen the stress of your job. It is also important to find time to get away from your desk or office at specific times of the day. If you find that you are not making progress, it could well be time to consult with a more senior or experienced co-worker. This way their experience will help you grow wiser and equip you to deal with future difficulties of a similar nature.

There is visit website no doubt that you have to have resilience as a manager but if you center on the right things and seek advice when required, you should find that you can thrive on the stress rather than being weighed down by it.


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